A Professionally Whitened Smile Needs to Be Maintaining to Prevent New Dental Stains

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Moderate to severe dental stains can rarely be improved by the retail strength tooth whitening products sold in stores. Most lack the potency to remove discoloration that has saturated tooth enamel. Some can even prove harmful to your teeth and other soft oral tissues.

If you have been struggling to deal with unsightly stained teeth that appear in your smile, you should consider scheduling a dental bleaching treatment at our dental office. The tools, techniques, and potent whitening agents used can effectively remove dental stains without harming your mouth.  

Once your teeth have been professionally whitened, their appearance will need to be maintained. We can help you understand additional measures needed to prevent future dental stains, which might include cutting back on dark beverages certain foods that are prone to causing dental stains.

It could also be helpful to get in the habit of drinking dark beverages through a straw. This will minimize your tooth enamel exposure.

If you use tobacco products with any regularity, you might want to take this moment to embrace a cessation program. Beyond the obvious health benefits, eliminating the tar and chemicals from your mouth will lessen your chances of suffering future dental stains.

Occasionally brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste that’s been approved by the American Dental Association might also be helpful for removing minor dental stains that develop between your regular dental cleanings.  

If you live in the Maplewood, Minnesota, area and you are struggling with unsightly dental stains in your smile, you should call 651-777-8900 to schedule a consultation at Henrickson Dental. Our dedicated dentists, Dr. Henrickson and Dr. Cha, are here for your smile!