Dentistry Highlights: Jaw Pain Treatments

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Are you aware of the symptoms of jaw or facial pain? Jaw or facial pain can arise due to pain in or around the ears, tenderness with your jaw when biting, or linked to frequent headaches. Due to the numerous causes of jaw pain, it can often be difficult to determine exactly where it’s coming from. Thus, a visit to your dentist to help diagnose the exact cause and treat it, will be needed.

If you are under the effects of jaw or facial pain, your dentist can help determine what is the best treatment plan for your individual oral health care needs. Several varieties of treatment that can be extremely helpful include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, medications, muscle relaxants, as well as oral health care exercise routines. Your dentist may also suggest the addition of mouth protectors including mouth guards, night guards, or bite plates. In addition, extensive treatments may be needed for joint pain if any underlying conditions are causing it. If you have severe pain, a root canal therapy, periodontal treatment, and potential tooth extractions may be required.

The causes of jaw pain can vary significantly. Jaw pain can arise from several sources including sinus problems, arthritis, oral accidents and injuries, oral infections, and other similar issues. Furthermore, numerous oral health ailments can also lead to jaw and facial pain, such as bruxism, periodontal disease, TMJ disorders, and toothaches.

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