Fun Facts: Toothbrush Trivia

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Do you regularly use your toothbrush? Hopefully you use it at least twice a day. Maybe you have looked at it so many times that you don’t even think about it anymore. They might just be an object that you’ve seen so many times that they fade into the background until it’s once again time to brush. Today, however, we’d like to bring them into the spotlight with a few fun trivia facts.

-Some form of a toothbrush may have been around 5,000 years. In some ancient civilizations, people used a thin stick with one end that was frayed, to clean food from their teeth. This was referred to as a “chew stick.”
-The first mass-produced toothbrush was invented behind bars. In 1770, William Addis was arrested for inciting a riot when he noticed other prisoners cleaning their teeth with a rag that was covered in soot or salt. Addis saved an animal bone from dinner, from a guard he got some bristles, bored tiny holes, inserted the bristles and sealed them with glue. When released, he made a few changes to his prototype and started a company.
-There isn’t a set order for brushing and flossing, just as long as you’re doing it.
-The lifespan of your toothbrush may be three or four months. After that, it may not clean your teeth as well and you should consider replacing it.

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