Show Yourself A New Smile With Dental Anxiety Recognition

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Are you aware of the risks of dental anxiety and what you can do to protect your teeth and gums? Although we often think of dental anxiety as a condition that only children suffer from, it is possible to have fears and concerns later on in life. Many individuals like to have their bubble, and when individuals break that bubble for intensive cleaning procedures on their teeth, it is entirely possible that you find yourself struggling with stress and worries associated with dental anxiety. However, dental anxiety can be treated.

The fear of the unknown is often one of the greatest risks associated with dental anxiety. We are often afraid of things we don’t understand, so be sure to always speak with your dentist about your dental anxiety worries and concerns to get a better grasp on any oral health care procedures you may require. Furthermore, consider holding stress-relieving tools while oral health care treatments are to be given. This can include fidget spinners or stress relieving squeeze balls. Calming and relaxing music has also been shown to be beneficial for alleviating issues associated with dental anxiety. Furthermore, if you have concerns about any pain you will feel, sedation dentistry has numerous drugs that can be given to ensure that your experience will be a pain-free one.

Stress is often one of the key links to dental anxiety. Thus, it is important to get your stress under control. You can do this by practicing meditative techniques such as yoga or implementing breathing techniques such as deep breathing or counting your breaths. It’s also helpful to put your mind in a happy place, including visualizing yourself at a relaxing beach or garden.

Optimum oral health care success comes courtesy of dental anxiety recognition. You are welcome to call Henrickson Dental at our dentist office in Maplewood, Minnesota, at 651-777-8900. Dr. Mike Henrickson and our entire team want to help you treat any issues that arise with your oral health.