You May Need a Denture If Gum Disease Has Stolen Your Smile

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If you struggle with inconsistencies in your oral hygiene routine and often skip your regular dental checkups, you could experience chronic issues such as gum disease. One of the unfortunate side effects of gum disease is severe tooth loss, which could result in the need for dentures.

When an infection develops in the gums and affects the tooth roots, it could cause you to lose multiple teeth and experienced weakened jawbone structure. Even if you don’t lose all of your teeth, you could still experience harmful problems such as advanced tooth decay and weakened tooth roots.

If your teeth can’t be preserved with other dental treatments, our dentist may recommend that the remaining teeth be extracted and replaced with a complete denture. Along with removing the teeth, we can form an impression of the teeth and jaw shape so that a dental lab can custom create your complete denture and modify it to your smile’s unique shape and dental needs.

To further enhance the stability of your dentures, you can apply denture adhesive. This also works to prevent stray food particles from building up under the dentures and cause the gums to become irritated and inflamed.

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